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Are you Looking to Sell your gold for Cash? Abaya Gold Buyers all kind of Gold at Best Rate.

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Abaya Gold Buyers is a best gold, silver and other precious metals buying company in Bangalore of Karnataka. We buy all type of unused and second-hand diamond, gold & bars, silver, platinum, gold coins, silver coins, rings, chains, bangles and other jewelry; and offer immediate cash on your gold jewelry through cash payment, cheque or NEFT/RTGS transfer as per customer request.If you have to sell your gold or need assistance to release pledged gold and buy back at best market price, please visit our branch with valid documents and avail any of our service and receive the maximum price of your gold. Kindly reach us on 88 61 600 600 or reachus@abayagoldbuyers.com for detailed query.
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Sell your Gold Jewelry

• Want to sell your gold, silver, and diamond Jewelry?

• Worried about the best price for your ornaments?Looking to sell at best market price and want to get best value for your ornaments. At Abaya we ensure best price and value for your gold.

• At Abaya Gold Company you can sell any kind of gold.

• Our buying ranges from 1gm to no limit.

• We buy old, second-hand, damaged or unused gold, silver jewelry and Offer instant cash or immediate online transfer.

Sell Gold to Save Interest Rate

Reason to Sell Your Gold, Silver at Abaya

• We don’t deduct any making charges

• We give you the best price of your jewellery • Check the purity of gold by German made purity checking machine

• We don’t melt any precious metal, in-case you are not happy with price we return your jewelry without damaging

• Offer price based on the purity of Gold

• Pay immediate cash against your gold, silver jewelry

• Cash, Cheque and NEFT/RTGS (online) transferred service available

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Sell Gold to Save Interest Rate

Release your Pledged Gold

It’s a collective practice in India where people pledge gold and silver jewelry to the banks, pawn shops or financiers to organize the funds for setting up new business, fund for arranging urgent medical bills, because its a simple and fast process to get the loan on golds without much documents. It may be a good idea to pledge the gold and take a small loan against jewellery but not a accurate deal to take a big loan against gold. Often people fail to release their pledged gold because of immense interest rates and destined to pay pointless interest rates which sometimes cross the double of gold price.

Abaya Gold helps the customer to release their gold loan and other jewelry from banks, pawn shops, financiers and buy back the gold at best price than anyone else. Kindly reach us on 88 61 600 600 or reachus@abayagoldbuyers.com for detailed query.

Best place to Sell Pledged Gold Jewelry for Cash

How Abaya Gold Can Help You

• We will give cash to pre-close your pledged gold loan

• We visit the location with customers, pay the required amount to release the pledged gold

• After checking the purity of pledged gold at our office, At Abaya we buy back the gold jewellery and pay you the balance amount after deducting the amount paid for releasing gold.

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Good place for selling the gold.compare to other gold company I got best price and company is not taking any service charges Good customer service.Thank Abaya gold company Yeswanthpur.

Puthileth Chendamarakshan

Thanks a lot Abaya gold company.. one of the best gold buyers company in Bangalore. i got highest price to my gold n best service by the employee n I’m satisfied with the price n service I ll refer my frns also .. thanks for Abaya gold company

Brajan Rao

Thanks a lot abaya gold company I sold my old gold n I got highest price to my gold .. best service n one of the best gold buyers in bangalore.


Instant cash for Diamonds

Sell Diamond jewellery

While diamonds have historically held their value, in 2020, diamond prices did decline at both the wholesale and retail level. On one hand, you may choose to hold on to your diamond and sell in the event prices return, or you may choose to sell your diamond for cash now before prices drop further.


Before you sell diamond for cash, educate yourself about its value, the 4Cs, what to expect in terms of retail vs. resale price, where you can sell it safely to a reputable jewelry buyer, and where to get your diamond appraised.

If you want to sell Diamond at cash exchange and avoid the hassle when selling your unwanted Diamond, Gold jewelry !



Abaya launched with the aim of revolutionizing the way pre-owned DIAMONDS for CASH offer. With our best customer service, transparency and professionalism. You can always Sell gold jewelry at best price. We have earned an hundreds of satisfied customer reviews.


Our highly trained team will go through a checklist of appraisal criteria including Weight (carat), Condition, Shape, Clarity, Color, Fluorescence, and Cut Grade. The entire process is pretty simple.

Abaya Gold helps the customer to Sell Diamond Gold jewelry  best price than anyone else that too with or without Diamond certificate. Kindly reach us on 88 61 600 600 or reachus@abayagoldbuyers.com for detailed query.

Frequently Asked Gold Selling and Loan Questions

Be Tension free with Abaya Instant Doorstep Gold Services.

How to sell Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewelry or Bars ?

Abaya Gold Buyers is also one of the best Gold, Silver and diamond buyers in Karnataka. We provide value to diamond and silver ornaments according to the market price.

Can I sell my Gold, Silver & Diamond without Bill?

To Sell Gold, Silver, Diamond for Instant Cash, it is not mandatory to provide bill. But it is recommended to provide any government authorized identity proof of the Customer.

Best Way to Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash?

Selling gold to gold buying companies or while making  gold exchange for cash, it is recommended to find the trusted gold buyers who provide the best rate for selling gold. Abaya gold buyers is one such company which obey the gold buying rules and provides the honest value of your gold Jewellary.

Can I sell my gold without bill?

To sell gold for instant cash, it is not mandatory to provide bill. But it is recommended to provide any government authorized current residential identity proof of the customer.

Does Gold Buyers Buy Gold from Doorstep?

Yes. Abaya Gold Buyers facilitate service on customer doorstep. To avail this, customer has to search “Abaya gold Buyers near me or Call to 8861 600 600” and provide all the necessary information and can book their service. Our customer support team visit your home and collect the gold.

What is the advantage of selling gold in Abaya Gold Buyers?

Being a customer friendly gold buying company, we assure customers complete transparent transaction. We ensure the customer receive the best price for gold according to the current gold price. With all this Abaya Gold Buyers has badged as the best place to sell gold.

Is there any extra charge for gold testing?

No gold testing and valuation is done at free of cost.