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Abaya Gold Buyers is One of the Leading Most Trusted best old gold jewelry buyers in Karnataka, Offers you 100% Safe and 100% Transparent Process to Sell Gold Online for Instant highest Cash in India compare to other gold buyers including Bangalore

About Most Trusted Gold Buyers in Karnataka

Abaya Gold Buyers

One of the leading best old gold jewelry buyers, offers you 100% safe and 100% transparent process to sell gold online for instant cash in India including Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai Get cash for gold instantly

Abaya Gold Buyers is One of the Leading Most Trusted best old gold jewelry buyers in Karnataka, offers a you 100% Safe and 100% Transparent, Quick, Smart, Authentic Easy Process to get instant highest Cash in India compare to other gold buyers for your gold. Abaya Gold Buyers is one of the fastest growing and Most trusted gold Buying Company in South India with 70+ Branches Presence Across South India

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▶ XRF Gold Testing  Secure & Professional Staff  Trusted by 1000+ Happy Customers

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Abaya Gold Buyers has leading experts with profound knowledge in Gold jewelry buying and Selling business (gold trading) who believes in the conviction that customer satisfaction is a vital measure of business performance. Our company is mainly focused on gold buying and selling and it is the best gold buying company to sell gold, Release and sell pledged gold for instant cash at today best market price of gold. Our main Corporate office at 30/1, 1st Floor, 1st Main Rd, 2nd Phase, Gokula 1st Stage, Mathikere, Bengaluru 560054 Our vision is to provide assistance to common people who want to Sell Gold, Diamond and silver jewelries in a transparent market at best prices. “Our company is built on the values that we hold close to our heart, which have led to the growth of the company. Abaya Gold buyers will have many more branches across South India region. We strongly believe that, the reason which kept us growing over the years were your love and unchanged trust. We shall always strive to retain and maintain our level of trustworthiness through our quality services and dedication. With the Grace of God and your support, we hope we can take our jewelry to greater heights.

– Your Sincerely Team Abaya Gold Buyers

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Abaya Gold Buyers is a vision driven brand that aims to be a world class Top Gold jewellery buyer which buys old gold, diamond, silver and offers instant cash and quality services to customers.


To accomplish our Vision with great customer satisfaction by treating them with respect, honesty and providing the best quality services which provides benefits for their money.

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About Abaya Gold Buyers Founder

Abaya Sathish Gowdru

Mr. Sathish Gowda, who believes that Social Work is the true form of humanity. The core values of social work include compassionate service to others, fostering dignity for all individuals, social justice, and promoting stronger human relationships. The values alone show the importance of social work today, as the values social activists promote, impact individuals, communities and society, at large. Today’s social activists go beyond helping people with the basic needs of life and into actively addressing the underlying issues that prevent social change and cohesion. Social activists focus on supporting individuals and families who need help connecting with the right social services agencies, healthcare providers and food programs. They often work with the neglected or abused children, aged and the deprived sections, transitioning back to society. Mr. Satish Gowda is one such a truist, striving earnestly for bringing in Societal change. One of the top Busness Conglomerates

Sell Gold to Save Interest Rate

Release your Pledged Gold

It’s a collective practice in India where people pledge gold and silver jewelry to the banks, pawn shops or financiers to organize the funds for setting up new business, fund for arranging urgent medical bills, because its a simple and fast process to get the loan on golds without much documents. It may be a good idea to pledge the gold and take a small loan against jewellery but not a accurate deal to take a big loan against gold. Often people fail to release their pledged gold because of immense interest rates and destined to pay pointless interest rates which sometimes cross the double of gold price.

Abaya Gold helps the customer to release their gold loan and other jewelry from banks, pawn shops, financiers and buy back the gold at best price than anyone else. Kindly reach us on 88 61 600 600 or reachus@abayagoldbuyers.com for detailed query.

Trusted by 50k+ Happy Customers

Why Customers Love Abaya

  • • We don’t deduct any making charges
  • We give you the best price of your jewellery
  • Check the purity of gold by German made purity checking machine
  • We don’t melt any precious metal, in-case you are not happy with price we return your jewelry without damaging
  • Offer price based on the purity of Gold
  • Pay immediate cash against your gold, silver jewelry
  • Cash, NEFT, IMPS and RTGS (online) transferred service available